Ortho Care

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  1. Generic: Prednisolone
    Equivalent Brand: Prelone
    30 Tablet/s
  2. Generic: Sodium Alendronate
    Equivalent Brand: Fosamax
    28 Tablet/s
  3. Generic: Risedronate
    Equivalent Brand: Atelvia
    30 Tablet/s
  4. Generic: Etidronate Sodium
    Equivalent Brand: Didronel
    30 Tablet/s
  5. Generic: Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate
    Equivalent Brand: Plaquenil
    30 Tablet/s
  6. Generic: Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate
    Equivalent Brand: Plaquenil
    30 Tablet/s
  7. Generic: Baclofen
    Equivalent Brand: Lioresal
    30 Tablet/s
  8. Generic: Methocarbamol
    Equivalent Brand: Robaxin
    30 Tablet/s
  9. Generic: Pramipexole
    Equivalent Brand: Mirapex
    30 Tablet/s
  10. Generic: Ropinirole
    Equivalent Brand: Requip
    30 Tablet/s
  11. Generic: Tizanidine HCl
    Equivalent Brand: Zanaflex
    30 Tablet/s
  12. Generic: Metaxalone
    Equivalent Brand: Skelaxin
    30 Tablet/s
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What are ortho care products?

Bone health is a matter of vital importance for both young and old as bones are the basic infrastructural support for our body. Ortho Care products are products that help in maintaining healthy and strong bones as well as help in recovery from injuries related to bone and skeletal system.

What are ortho care products used for?

Ortho Care products are not only used to strengthen bones, but can also be used for relieving pain related to chronic diseases or bone problems. Ortho Care products are also used to help people maintain a healthy level of bone density to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

Types of Ortho Care Products

  • Orthopedic Support: Orthopedic support products are those that provide relief from joint pain by supporting injured joints. These products are frequently in the form of ankle supports, knee caps, crepe bandages, wrist supports and hot water bags.
  • Ortho Foot Care: People suffering from orthopedic issues related to the foot often look for orthopedic slippers that provide enough padding to reduce the pain of walking. Ortho foot care products include these types of footwear, silicone heel cushions and ankle supports.
  • Ortho Supplements: Ortho Care products also come in the form of swallow able tablets that help strengthen bones and joints in the body. Calcium tablets, joint care pills, juices that promote joint health and joint repair supplements are some of the most widely used orthopedic food supplements.
  • Ortho pain relief: These products are generally intended for short-term relief of joint and other orthopedic pains. Products like Diclofenac gels and sprays, pain relieving oils, Ayurvedic pain relief balms, as well as reusable hot and cold pads, are some of the most prominent orthopedic pain relief products available under Ortho Care Products.

Top Ortho Care Brands and USPs

Both online and offline markets offer a wide range of ortho care brands. There are many domestic and international brands that help people address their orthopedic concerns. Brands like Everherb, Volini, Moov, LivEasy, Kapiva, Tynor and SandPuppy are the most sought after ortho care brands that offer advanced pain relief to people of all ages.