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1 . How Can I Tell That The Online Medications I Ordered Are Legitimate?

All Of Our Medications Come With The Original Instructions And Packaging That Contains The Lot Number And Expiry That Can Be Cross Checked With The Manufacturer. Our Generics Also Come In Original Packaging; However Most Of The Generics From India Come Only As The Blister Packs With The Manufacturer Information Printed Directly On The Reverse Of The Blister. You Will Never Have To Worry About The Origin Of The Medications You Order Through 1mgstore.com

2 . I Was Unable To Pickup My Parcel And It Was Returned To The Pharmacy, What Do I Do Now?

If Your Parcel Was Returned To The Pharmacy For Any Reason, We Can Charge You Shipping Again And Reship Out Your Package But As We Do Not Keep The Card Details Of Our Client, You Need To Call Us To Pay The Shipping Cost. If The Consignment Was Returned To The Pharmacy Due To Our Fault, We Will Re-Ship It Without Any Charges. Please Get In Touch With Us In Either Of The Cases.

3 . Can I Request For Specific Expiration Dates For The Medications I Order?

All Medicines Shipped Out By The Pharmacy Have A Minimum Of Six Months Expiry Date From The Time They Are Shipped. If You Require A Longer Period Expiry Then Feel Free To Contact Us And We Will Do Our Best To Assist You With Your Requirements.

4 . Can I Return My Medication After It Has Been Delivered?

The Only Instance In Which You Can Return A Medication After It Has Been Delivered To You Is If The Pharmacy Sent You The Wrong Medication Or If The Medication Arrived Damaged. In The Event Of Either Of These Scenarios, The Pharmacy Will Promptly Reship The Medication To Rectify The Mistake. Under No Other Circumstances Can We Allow A Product To Be Returned Or Refunded Outside These Scenarios.

5 . I Received The Wrong Dosage Of Medication, What Do I Do?

Please Contact Us Immediately So We Can Inform The Pharmacy. The Correct Medication Will Be Promptly Sent To You.

6 . The Medications In My Order Were Damaged During Transit, What Do I Do?

Please Contact Us Immediately So We Can Inform The Pharmacy. Your Medication Will Be Promptly Resent To You.

7 . What Is Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) Of My Order?

Please check out Shipping ETA (given in footer)
We Do Not Ship To Following Countries Due To Custom / Delivery Issues.
Afghanistan, North Korea, Pakistan.