Etova Tablet (Etodolac)

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Etodolac Tablet, available in various brand names such as Etova, and Lodine, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used primarily for pain relief and reducing inflammation

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Etova 400mg Tablet (Etodolac 400mg)

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Etova 200mg Tablet (Etodolac 200mg)

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Etova 300mg Tablet (Etodolac 300mg)

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Etova ER 400mg Tablet PR (Etodolac 400mg)

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Etova ER 60mg Tablet (Etodolac 600mg)

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Introduction to Etova Tablet (Etodolac)

Etodolac, available in various brand names such as Etova, and Lodine,, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used primarily for Pain Relief and reducing inflammation. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into various aspects of Etodolac tablets, including dosage information, precautions, drug interactions, uses, side effects, and more. Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking detailed information or a patient looking to better understand this medication, this guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview.

Etodolac Tablet 400mg Dosage Information

Etodolac tablets are commonly available in various strengths, with 400mg being a standard dosage. The dosage prescribed to you will depend on your medical condition and your healthcare provider's assessment. Always follow your doctor's instructions regarding the dosage, and do not exceed the recommended amount unless advised by a healthcare professional.

Recommended Dosage:

The standard recommended dosage of Etodolac tablets typically varies depending on the condition being treated and the individual patient. However, a common starting point is 400mg taken orally once a day. Your healthcare provider will determine the appropriate dosage for your specific needs, considering factors such as the severity of your condition, your age, weight, and overall health.

Missed Dose:

If you miss a dose of Etodolac, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is close to the time for your next scheduled dose, skip the missed dose and continue with your regular dosing schedule. Do not double up on doses to make up for a missed one, as this can increase the risk of side effects and complications.


Taking more Etodolac than prescribed can lead to overdose, which can be potentially dangerous. Symptoms of an overdose may include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, confusion, drowsiness, black or bloody stools, and even seizures. If you suspect an overdose, seek immediate medical attention or contact a poison control center.

Etodolac Tablet Brands

Etodolac is available in the market under various brand names, including Etova, Lodine, and Lodine XL. These different brand names may offer variations in dosages or formulations, but the active ingredient, Etodolac, remains consistent. Your healthcare provider will prescribe the specific brand and dosage that best suits your medical needs.

Buy Etodolac Tablets Online:

If you're looking to purchase Etodolac tablets online, our website offers a convenient and reliable option. Here, you can browse through a range of medications, including Etodolac, and place your order with ease. When buying medications online, it's essential to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable source to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the product.

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Before using Etodolac tablets, it's essential to be aware of certain precautions to ensure your safety during treatment.

  • Allergies: Inform your healthcare provider if you have any known allergies to NSAIDs, including Etodolac/Lodine, or if you have experienced allergic reactions to similar medications in the past.
  • Medical History: Share your complete medical history with your doctor, especially if you have a history of stomach ulcers, bleeding disorders, heart problems, or liver or kidney disease.
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Etodolac may not be safe during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Discuss the risks and benefits with your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  • Drug Allergies: Inform your doctor about any other medications, supplements, or herbal products you are taking to avoid potential drug interactions or allergic reactions.
  • Age Considerations: Older adults may be more sensitive to the side effects of Etodolac, especially the risk of stomach bleeding and kidney problems. A lower dose may be recommended for elderly patients.

Lodine/Etodolac tablets are primarily prescribed for the following purposes:

  • Pain Relief: Etodolac is used to alleviate mild to moderate pain, such as that caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Inflammation Reduction: It is effective in reducing inflammation associated with various musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Fever Reduction: In some cases, Etodolac may be used to lower fever.
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis: This medication can help manage the symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis affecting the spine.
  • Dental Pain: Etodolac may also be prescribed for short-term relief of dental pain.

Some of the Secondary Effects of Etova Tablet (Etodolac)

While Etodolac is generally well-tolerated, it can cause side effects in some individuals. Common side effects may include:

  • Gastrointestinal Issues: Stomach upset, indigestion, and diarrhea are common gastrointestinal side effects.
  • Dizziness: Some people may experience dizziness or lightheadedness when taking Etodolac.
  • Headache: Headaches can occur as a side effect.
  • Skin Reactions: Skin rashes or itching may occur in rare cases.
  • Fluid Retention: Etodolac may cause fluid retention, leading to swelling in the ankles, feet, or hands.

These are not the only possible side effects, and some individuals may experience more severe reactions. If you notice any unusual or severe symptoms while taking Etodolac, contact your healthcare provider promptly.

Frequently Asked Queries About Etodolac Tablets/Lodine

Can I take Etodolac if I'm allergic to aspirin?

No, if you are allergic to aspirin, you should avoid taking Etodolac, as it belongs to the same class of medications known as NSAIDs.

How long does it take for Etodolac to relieve pain?

The onset of pain relief with Etodolac can vary, but many people experience relief within 1-2 hours after taking the medication.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while on Etodolac?

It's best to avoid alcohol while taking Etodolac, as it can increase the risk of stomach irritation and bleeding.

Can I give Etodolac to my child for fever?

Etodolac is typically not recommended for children, especially for fever. Consult a pediatrician for suitable alternatives.

What should I do if I experience severe stomach pain while on Etodolac?

If you develop severe stomach pain, stop taking Etodolac and seek immediate medical attention, as it could be a sign of a serious side effect.

Can I take Etodolac if I have high blood pressure?

You should consult your doctor if you have high blood pressure, as Etodolac can affect blood pressure levels. Your healthcare provider will assess the risks and benefits.

Are there any dietary restrictions when taking Etodolac?

While there are no specific dietary restrictions, it's advisable to take Etodolac with food or milk to minimize the risk of stomach upset.

Etova Tablet (Etodolac) can interact with other drugs, potentially altering their effects or increasing the risk of side effects. 

  • Anticoagulants: Combining Etodolac/Lodine with blood-thinning medications like warfarin can increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Aspirin: Concurrent use of Etodolac and aspirin can also elevate the risk of stomach bleeding.
  • Other NSAIDs: Avoid taking multiple NSAIDs simultaneously, as this can amplify side effects and increase the risk of adverse reactions.
  • Lithium: Etodolac can affect the blood levels of lithium, a medication used for bipolar disorder. Close monitoring is essential if both drugs are prescribed.
  • Diuretics: When taken with diuretics, Etodolac may reduce the diuretics' effectiveness and potentially lead to elevated blood pressure.
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