Naltima Tablet (Naltrexone)

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Buy Naltrexone Tablet is a physician-recommended drug used to treat liquor use jumble and narcotic use problems. It assists you with halting utilizing these substances and staying off them. Revia and Naltima is another brand name for Naltrexone.

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Information About Naltima Tablet (Naltrexone) 

Naltrexone Tablet belongs to the class of medications known as 'narcotic antagonists' and is used to treat Alcohol Dependence (chronic alcohol abuse) and opioid dependence. Alcohol dependence is a persistent condition characterized by excessive drinking, tolerance to alcohol, continued use despite problems, and an inability to control alcohol consumption. Opioid dependence, on the other hand, occurs when someone becomes physically reliant on a substance, and their body depends on it to avoid withdrawal. In such cases, the body relies on external opioids rather than producing enough of its own. Revia is another brand name for Naltrexone.

Naltrexone Tablet And Its Mechanism

Naltrexone Tablet contains 'naltrexone,' which works by blocking the effects of opioid receptors and reducing cravings and urges to use alcohol or opioids. However, it is essential to use it in conjunction with counseling and social support to help patients dependent on alcohol stay away from alcoholic beverages.

Benefits Of Naltrexone Tablets

  • Naltrexone is FDA-approved for the treatment of alcohol dependence. It helps individuals reduce their alcohol intake and maintain abstinence by diminishing the rewarding effects of alcohol.
  • Naltrexone is also effective in managing opioid dependence. It can be used to prevent relapse in individuals who have already undergone opioid detoxification.
  • By blocking opioid receptors in the brain, Naltrexone can reduce the craving for alcohol and opioids, making it easier for individuals to resist the urge to use these substances.
  • Naltrexone is often used as part of a comprehensive treatment program that includes counseling and behavioral therapies. It provides valuable support in the journey towards recovery from addiction.
  • Naltrexone/Revia is a non-addictive medication, making it a safer option for individuals in recovery from addiction.
  • Naltrexone is available in extended-release formulations, such as monthly injections, which can improve treatment adherence by reducing the frequency of dosing.
  • Studies have shown that Naltrexone can significantly reduce the risk of relapse in individuals with alcohol or opioid dependence.

How could I utilize naltrexone?

Utilizing narcotics in the 7 to 14 days before you begin getting naltrexone might make you out of nowhere have side effects of narcotic withdrawal. To keep away from this you shouldn't utilize narcotics for at least 7-10 days prior to beginning treatment with naltrexone.

Step-by-step instructions to take naltrexone tablets

  • Continuously take this medication precisely as your primary care physician has told you. Check with your primary care physician or drug specialist in the event that you don't know.
  • Take this drug once a day by mouth as your primary care physician tells you to.
  • How much time you ought to take this drug will be chosen by your PCP. The standard length of treatment is three months. Nonetheless, in specific cases, a more drawn-out time of treatment might be valuable. 

Cheap Naltrexone Tablets:

Affordability is an important factor when it comes to accessing necessary medications for addiction treatment. you can buy Naltrexone tablets are available in generic forms, which are typically more cost-effective than brand-name versions. Generic Naltrexone offers the same active ingredient and therapeutic benefits as the brand-name counterpart but at a lower cost.

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When Using Naltima Tablet (Naltrexone), It Is Important To Take Certain Precautions

  • Naltrexone/Revia Tablet should be taken as prescribed by your primary care physician, and inform them if you have any allergies. Before starting Naltrexone Tablet inform your doctor about any other herbal or prescribed medications you are using.
  • Exercise caution while using Naltrexone Tablet if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. This medication is not recommended for individuals with kidney, liver issues, depression, or those suicidal tendencies. Avoid using Naltrexone Tablets if you are receiving narcotic analgesics.
  • Be cautious if you have a history of bleeding disorders (thrombocytopenia) or rare genetic conditions like galactose intolerance, or acute opioid withdrawal. High-dose opioid intake, combined with Naltrexone Tablet therapy, may lead to dangerous opioid poisoning, causing respiratory and circulatory impairment. During the treatment, it is advised not to consume alcohol due to the increased risk of liver damage.
  • Patients should be closely monitored for 30 minutes for any noticeable signs of withdrawal symptoms. If any withdrawal side effects occur, treatment should not be discontinued. If you require medical treatment or surgery, including dental procedures, inform the healthcare provider or dentist that you are taking Naltrexone Tablet.

Some of the specific indications for Naltima Tablet (Naltrexone) include

1. Alcohol Dependence Treatment: Naltrexone/Revia is prescribed to individuals with alcohol dependence or chronic alcohol abuse to reduce cravings and urges to drink. It forms a part of a comprehensive treatment plan alongside counseling and social support.

2. Opioid Dependence Treatment: Naltrexone is used to manage opioid dependence, helping individuals break free from their Addiction by blocking the effects of opioids and reducing withdrawal symptoms

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Some of the secondary effects of Naltima Tablet (Naltrexone)

  • Joint torment
  • Muscle torment
  • A sleeping disorder (trouble resting)
  • Shortcoming
  • Uneasiness
  • Fretfulness
  • Swooning
  • Expanded thirst
  • Diminished drive (sexual craving)
  • Diminished sexual capability

Answers To Common Inquiries About Nodict Tablet (Naltrexone)

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Naltrexone Tablets?

No, it is not recommended to consume alcohol while on Naltrexone Tablet. Alcohol can lead to increased liver damage when combined with the medication.

Is Naltrexone/Revia Tablet Safe For Pregnant Women?

Naltrexone Tablets should be used with caution during pregnancy, and it's best to consult a healthcare professional before taking it.

Can Naltrexone Tablet Be Used For Pain Relief?

No, Naltrexone Tablet is not intended for pain relief; it is specifically used to treat alcohol and opioid dependence.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions While On Naltrexone Tablet?

There are no specific dietary restrictions, but it is important to avoid alcohol consumption during the treatment period.

Can I Abruptly Stop Naltrexone Tablet If I Feel Better?

No, it is essential to follow your doctor's instructions and complete the full course of treatment, even if you start feeling better. Stopping the medication abruptly can have adverse effects and may not effectively treat the condition. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to the treatment plan.

Is Naltrexone Right for You?

Determining whether Naltrexone is right for you depends on various factors and should be discussed with your healthcare provider. Naltrexone is a medication primarily used to treat alcohol and opioid dependence. Consider the following aspects to assess its suitability Medical History, Substance Use, Treatment Goals, and Response to Other Treatments.

Significant Drug Interactions that Require Attention For Naltima Tablet (Naltrexone)

  • Antibiotics (clarithromycin)
  • Anti-rheumatic drugs (leflunomide)
  • Sedatives (droperidol)
  • Narcotic drugs (codeine, hydrocodone, methadone)
  • Antidepressants (amitriptyline, doxepin, mianserin, trimipramine)
  • Central antihypertensives (alpha-methyldopa)
  • Antipsychotic (thioridazine)
  • Benzodiazepines (e.g., meprobamate)
  • Psychopharmacological agents (e.g., disulfiram, doxepin, lithium, clozapine, benzodiazepines)

Interaction with Food:

Do not consume alcohol while taking Naltrexone tablets.

Naltrexone/Revia Tablet should be avoided in patients with the following conditions:

  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Galactose intolerance
  • Depression
  • Suicidal tendencies
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