Glizid-M Tablet (Gliclazide + Metformin)

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Buy Glizid-M Tablet (Gliclazide + Metformin), Gliclazide + Metformin Tablets, commonly known by the brand name Glizid-M, are a combination medication used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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Glizid-M Tablet (Gliclazide (80mg) + Metformin (500mg))

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What is Glizid-M Tablet (Gliclazide + Metformin)?

Managing diabetes effectively is crucial to prevent complications and maintain a good quality of life. Gliclazide + Metformin Tablets, commonly known by the brand name Glizid-M, is a combination medication used in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. This medication combines two active ingredients, gliclazide, and metformin, each with distinct mechanisms of action that synergistically help control blood sugar levels. Gliclazide Metformin SR refers to a sustained-release formulation that combines the antidiabetic medications gliclazide and metformin. This formulation is designed to provide a controlled and prolonged release of the active ingredients, helping to maintain consistent blood sugar levels over an extended period. It offers a convenient way to manage Diabetes by reducing the frequency of dosing and potentially enhancing medication adherence.

Glizid-M Dosage Information:

  • The recommended dosage of Glizid-M may vary based on individual patient characteristics and the severity of diabetes.
  • Generally, the initial dose is one tablet taken with breakfast to assess the patient's response.
  • The dosage can be titrated gradually, under medical supervision, to achieve optimal blood glucose control.
  • It's important to strictly follow the prescribed dosage schedule and not alter the dose without consulting a healthcare professional.
  • Dosage adjustments may be required when initiating other medications or if there are changes in the patient's health status.

Missed Dose:

If a dose is missed, it's recommended to take the missed dose as soon as remembered, unless it's close to the next scheduled dose. In that case, the missed dose should be skipped.


Exceeding the recommended dose of Glizid-M can lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or other adverse effects. If an overdose is suspected, urgent medical attention is essential.

Gliclazide Metformin Buy Online and Prescription:

Gliclazide Metformin can be purchased online. It's recommended to obtain this medication with a valid prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. A prescription ensures that the medication is appropriate for your individual health condition and prevents potential risks associated with self-medication. Explore more products of Gliclazide and Metformin on

Gliclazide Metformin for Diabetes:

Gliclazide Metformin is an effective combination medication used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Gliclazide stimulates insulin release from the pancreas, while metformin improves insulin sensitivity and reduces liver glucose production. This combination addresses multiple aspects of diabetes pathophysiology, helping to control blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes. It is often prescribed as part of a comprehensive diabetes management plan, which includes lifestyle modifications, regular monitoring, and healthcare provider supervision.

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Essential Safety Advice to Follow when Using Glizid-M Tablet (Gliclazide + Metformin)

  • Before starting Glizid-M, patients should undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation, including kidney and liver function tests.
  • Alcohol consumption can increase the risk of hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis. It's advisable to limit alcohol intake or avoid it altogether.
  • During illness or surgery, temporary discontinuation of Glizid-M may be necessary. Healthcare providers should be informed about its use.
  • Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels, kidney function, and other relevant parameters is essential to ensure the medication's effectiveness and safety.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult their healthcare provider before using Glizid-M, as its safety in these situations may be uncertain.

Some of the specific indications for Glizid-M Tablet (Gliclazide + Metformin) include

  • Glizid-M is indicated for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus, particularly when lifestyle modifications alone are insufficient.
  • It helps lower blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production (gliclazide) and improving insulin sensitivity (metformin).
  • The combination of gliclazide and metformin offers a comprehensive approach to glycemic control, targeting multiple pathways.
  • Glizid-M may aid in preventing diabetes-related complications by maintaining stable blood glucose levels.
  • It can be a valuable addition to a diabetes treatment regimen that includes dietary changes, exercise, and regular blood sugar monitoring.

Crucial Side Effects to Be Observed When Using Glizid-M Tablet (Gliclazide + Metformin)

  • Common side effects of Glizid-M may include gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a potential side effect, especially if the medication is not taken as prescribed or if dietary habits are irregular.
  • Some individuals may experience mild allergic reactions, skin rash, or itching. These should be reported to a healthcare provider.
  • Metformin components may rarely cause a condition called lactic acidosis, characterized by muscle pain, weakness, difficulty breathing, and abdominal discomfort.
  • It's important to promptly report any unusual or severe side effects to a healthcare professional.

Answers to Common Inquiries about Glizid-M (Gliclazide + Metformin Tablets)

Q1. Can I adjust the dosage of Glizid-M on my own?

No, dosage adjustments should only be made under medical guidance. Altering the dose without consultation can affect blood sugar control and increase the risk of adverse effects.

Q2. Are there any dietary restrictions while taking Glizid-M?

While there are no strict restrictions, consistent carbohydrate intake can help maintain stable blood sugar levels. It's advisable to consult a healthcare provider or dietitian for personalized dietary recommendations.

Q3. Can Glizid-M be taken with other medications for different conditions?

Potential drug interactions exist. Inform your healthcare provider about all medications you're taking to ensure safe co-administration and prevent any unwanted effects.

Q4. Is Glizid-M suitable for elderly individuals with diabetes?

Glizid-M can be prescribed to older adults, but individual health status and renal function should be considered. Regular monitoring and dose adjustments, if necessary, are crucial for their well-being.

Q5. Can Glizid-M replace the need for lifestyle changes in diabetes management?

No, lifestyle modifications like healthy eating and regular exercise remain fundamental. Glizid-M complements these efforts, enhancing blood sugar control and reducing the risk of complications. Always maintain a balanced approach to diabetes management.

Significant Drug Interactions that Require Attention For Glizid-M Tablet (Gliclazide + Metformin)

  • Glizid-M may interact with certain medications, potentially affecting their efficacy or increasing the risk of side effects.
  • Other antidiabetic medications, beta-blockers, and certain antibiotics can interact with Glizid-M, necessitating dose adjustments or alternative treatments.
  • Some medications may potentiate the risk of hypoglycemia when combined with Glizid-M.
  • Drugs that impair kidney function can increase the risk of metformin-related lactic acidosis.
  • Patients should inform their healthcare provider about all medications, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements, to minimize the risk of drug interactions.
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